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Parents Recommend Hartbeeps


Samantha C.

"My daughter loves this class and it is at the perfect time of day(right in the middle of naps!). We did the free trial class and immediately signed up for the winter session. So fun!!!!"

Amber H.

"My son and I have been to a LOT of baby classes in the area and this by far the BEST one! Each week is a new adventure that engages all the senses! We both absolutely love it!"

Liz F.

"Absolutely the MOST fun part of my son's week! It's a baby dream come true! A new adventure every time: songs, instruments, costumes, parachutes, and best of all, bubbles! It's a wonderful way to stimulate your child's senses while encouraging imagination and exploration. We love it!"

Sonam T.

"LOVE Hartbeeps. It got me out with my newborn and had me meet mums who were in it just like I. I love the music, connecting with my baby and meeting other mums. It's my favorite weekly activity."

Tainara C.

"Great fun and great exercise for the baby. They become very aware of their surroundings, the activities are clearly very developmental."

Amy J.

"We love Hartbeeps! We having been playing and singing with Ewelina for about a year now and have found that it is THE best music class for kids. Thank you, Ewelina, for all you do to keep the kiddos dreaming of magic sprinkles!!!"

Ewik E.

"I definitely recommend it !!!! Great time with my little girl. We are delighted with all the attractions with Ewelina has prepared. We cannot wait for the next class!!!"

Stephanie A.

"A magical journey for babies and toddlers! Highly recommend!"

Elizabeth W.

"Sweetest music class. My 16mo old gets excited as soon as she sees the door for the building heading into class. Ewelina is amazing at what she does. Bravo"


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